Sunday, 26 April 2015

Magazine Reviews Needed

I am trying to update various parts of this blog, mainly to do with my games, and I am trying to locate any reviews my games have had in magazines.

I have ones for Bounty (Micro Mart), Chopper Drop (Retro Gamer), Kyd Cadet 1 (Retro Gamer), Talisman (Amiga User int.) and Video Ease (Amiga Shopper). These have all been added to the relevant pages now.

If you have any more, or know about any more please get in touch.

I am also looking for Amiga Action issue 54 (this came with Baldy on the cover disk).

Your help very much appreciated.

Update: Kyd Cadet 3 review added a few minutes after I posted!
Update: Baldy now has two reviews and Talisman has an additional review.

The Spectrum Show 40

Welcome to The Spectrum Show episode 40.

This is the last in the current series, and we’re going out with a bang. This entire episode takes a look at the magazines of the 8 bit era, from the very beginnings in 1978 up to the end of the Spectrum’s commercial life and beyond.

As well as the usual favourites like Crash and Sinclair User, there are a few you might not have heard about.

It took a long time to put this episode together, around five months on and off, so I hope you enjoy it.

I will be taking a short break but will be back with the new series shortly.

Friday, 17 April 2015

General Update

Hello World!
This is just a quick update of all things in general, keeping you in the loop about what is going on, what is to come and what is about to happen!

The last episode of the series is currently being put together and it's causing me no end of late nights and headaches. It won't be a normal episode, and the amount of work that has gone into it is difficult to describe. The idea has been in my mind for many months and work began on it around November, so you can imagine the struggle I have had.

There have been times when I genuinely wanted to quit because of setbacks, technical problems and numerous re-writes, but rest assured, it is all under control (hopefully) and the final finished product, I hope, will be worth it.

Looking forward to the next series, and I am already planning the format. Sadly, type-in-corner has been a casualty and will not be part of the show. There simply was not enough type-ins to make every episode, but the ones I have will form the basis of a feature for one of the episodes.

Also gone is Playing Tips and Demo Of The Month. Geof will be back with a new section, and another new segment will replace the demo.

My interest in producing new games has taken a bit of a back seat because of the show, but I hope to be able to release at least one game this year. I have three in-progress, so I really want to complete at least one of them!

Back to the show, which seems to be taking a lot of my time, and I have a lot of new hardware to review, and have content for the next ten episodes, which will take us up to episode 50, hopefully released in early 2016. So you can see how much work is left and how far we have to go. After that, I cannot say - it's simply too far away to make any decisions.

Thanks for watching the shows, and for your continued support.

I am going now to get very drunk, watch some old episodes, play a few games and try to avoid spending too much on eBay.

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