Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Spectrum Show Ep43

Welcome to episode 43 of The Spectrum Show.

In this episode we take a trip through the news from July 1986.

I get my hands on the new Sinclair Vega.

Games reviewed include Dynamite Dan, River Rescue and Castlevania Spectral Interlude.

The development diary continues and Geoff brings us another hidden gems.

I finish with some serious software.


Friday, 21 August 2015

The Vega Has Landed

The Sinclair Vega is a modern take on the classic 48k rubber keyed Speccy, and mine arrived earlier this week.

Being part of the second limited batch, it was quickly out of the box, plugged in and being put through its paces.

Unlike some unscrupulous people who put them straight on eBay for four times the price, mine will actually be used rather than trying to make a quick profit.

Unluckily, it arrived mid-way through episode 43 being put together, so I had to decide whether to try and squeeze it in or keep the intended feature. Luckily I am currently on annual leave, so had the time to test, film and play with the device, so the full review will be in episode 43.

I won’t say too much here, it will spoil the review in the show, but I have read other people’s comments and as expected they range from “a nice bit of kit” to “absolutely crap”. The Vega does need a bit more work to improve certain aspects and these are covered in the show.

New episode coming soon.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Spectrum Show Magazine #7

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 7.

Packed with features and reviews, and material not in the video show.

Grab yourself a nice cuppa and have a read.

I am still looking for any reviews or articles from people who want to contribute.

Links to download can be found in the Magazine section top right.


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