Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Spectrum Show 36

Welcome to Episode 36 of The Spectrum Show...

In this episode...we get all the Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from January 1986.

Its arcade shoot out time again, this time I check out Berzerk clones.

I review Hunchback, F16 Fighting Falcon and Red Heat, take a look at the new game Sector Invasion, give you some playing tips and end with my demo of the month.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

TSS Magazine Issue 3

Finally, after what seems like years, the next edition of The Spectrum Show Magazine is complete and ready for you. This one includes the usual mix of game reviews and special features, some of which are not in the video shows.

You can download it by going to the Magazine section of this blog. (link top right).

If you fancy writing something for the next edition, please get in touch.


Monday, 1 December 2014

Your Type-Ins Wanted

Anyone who has watched the show will know about the type-in section. Here I reveal the games that I typed in over 25 years ago from various magazines. I found a few old C90 tapes a while back, and managed to get the files off into emulator format.

Most of them have not been seen since they were first published, and it's great to see them again, even if some of them are a bit poor.

As this series comes to an end, I have no more type-ins left, so sadly the section may be missing from the next episodes. That, unless you can help!


If you have any type-ins lurking in your collection and want to share them, or if you want to type something out and send it in, please help keep this section alive.

I am looking for anything, not just games, that appeared in a magazine at any point. Please make sure it has not been published already (see the brilliant Type Fantastic website for a complete list of games both available to to be typed in).

You will of course get a shout out on the show!

I look forward to seeing what you can find.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Spectrum Show Ep 35

Welcome to Episode 35 of The Spectrum Show...

In this episode...we get all the Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from December 1985.

I explore the evolution of game cover art.

I review Blasteroids, Race Fun and Xanthius, take a look at the new game Altair, give you some playing tips and end with my demo of the month.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rock Attack Fix

Hot on the heels of his last type-in fix, Jason has again come to the show’s rescue and provided a corrected version of the last type-in Rock Attack.

The game had several issues; one due to a typing error at the time it was entered into the Speccy, the other was a fault in the original listing concerning the position of the ship when wrapping around the screen.

He also made a slight mod to the firing routine, but was keen to supply two new versions of the game. One as the original listing, and one with the wrap fix and firing mod.

Both games are now in the type-in corner section of the blog for you to enjoy.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Retro Asylum Interview

The Retro Asylum podcast episode 100 is finally out and features a lot of retro goodies including an interview with myself.

Swainy and I chat about various subjects including my gaming history, favourite games, hardware and of course The Spectrum Show.

We chat about how the show came about, how it's created and what goes into each episode.

Be sure to check it out.

Retro Asylum Episode 100

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Spectrum Show 34

Welcome to Episode 34 of The Spectrum Show...

In this episode...we get all the Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from November 1985.

I take a look at the Cheetah Rat - an infraired, wireless joystick.

I review Quatro Arcade from Codemasters, take a look at Kyd Cadet 3, give you some playing tips and end with my demo of the month.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pothole Fixed

Isn't it strange that no matter how well you check the code, there is always something you miss. I call it code blindness, and working as a professional developer, it happens all the time!

Anyway, thanks to Jason, one of The Spectrum Show's type-in game fixers, a new version of Pothole is now available.

He has fixed the problem with the main character not being removed from screen when he moves left or right, plus a few other small issues.

The new version can be downloaded now from the Type-In-Corner section (link top right).

Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Spectrum Show 33

Welcome to Episode 33 of The Spectrum Show...

In this episode...we get all the Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from October 1985.

I try to compare the masses of frogger clones, I review some older games, take a look at a newer title, pay a visit to type in corner, give you some playing tips and end with my demo of the month.

It’s a big episode…enjoy..

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spectrum Light Guns

Light gun games are very popular in the arcades with classics like House Of The Dead and Virtua Cop , but these types of game have been pulling in the cash since 1984, when Duck Hunt from Nintendo hit the arcades.

Light Guns eventually came to the home computer market with several cheap looking, plastic moulded guns appearing for many of the systems.

The Spectrum had several including the Cheetah Defender, the Magnum Light Phaser, Sinclair’s own version of the Magnum with their logo on it, and the rarely seen Stack Light Rifle. They all worked in the same basic way, and all had a limited number of games tailored for them.

Sinclair bundled their version of the Magnum Phaser with the Action Pack and James Bond Action pack for the Plus 2 in 1990, but at least they changed the sticker on the side.

The light guns work from the raster line of the television and so require a CRT tube, they just don’t work on modern LCD or plasma sets. I had to replace my usual LCD TV with a very old 13inch CRT model I dug out of the loft for my initial testing.

The position of the raster beams dictates where you are pointing and the when you fire, the screen flickers badly. This is to allow the whole screen to go black with just the target areas displayed as white blocks. The software can then check the gun is aiming at the right place. It does however, as mentioned a few lines back, cause the screen to flicker really badly, sometimes to the extent that it detracts from the game.

The Magnum and Sinclair guns are connected to the Spectrum via a single lead, and plugs into the AUX port of the +2 and +3 machines. Be careful however, guns for the +2 don’t seem to work on the +3, and vice-versa, as I found out.

The Magnum and Sinclair offerings were, to be honest, cheap looking and badly made. They are light and easy to hold though, and the trigger feels firm enough, but there is just something that stinks of poor production.

The Magnum came in a pack that included six games, the Sinclair was bundled with its own games collection, so at least you had something to shoot when you got one.

Once connected and everything plugged in, it was time to play.

The Magnum (and from here on in, this will also mean the Sinclair version) supported quite a few games, some original and only playable with the gun, some conversions of existing titles.

Games like Solar Invasion and Robot Attack were specifically made to take advantage of the input mechanism, and as a result they tend to lean away from traditional direction control. Instead you get a series of targets to hit in different forms.

Solar Invasion gives you aliens floating in space, while Robot Attack gives you robots to shoot as they wonder about various platforms.

In operation the gun seemed fine, although with the small target area and my small TV, it was sometimes very hard to hit anything in Solar Invasion. Robot Attack had larger target areas and proved a much more enjoyable game.

Because the gun was, well… a gun.. you would expect several shooting range type games, and you would not be disappointed. The Magnum came with Rookie, which was a basic target shooting affair, with different scores and screens to get through. Again the targeting worked well once you had got you eye in, but still felt a little hit and miss.

Cheetah’s offering, the Defender, was a much sturdier piece of plastic, with better styling, and adjustable sight and a more robust feel to it. It looked better too, and it worked with a standard Kempston Joystick adapter.

The six games it came with included the usual shooting gallery style affairs like Billy The Kid, which first had you proving yourself shooting cans before moving on to better things.

Sadly, the gun didn’t seem to respond as good as the Magnum. There were times when it worked fine and others when, even holding the thing an inch from the screen, it failed to register a hit. This behaviour re-occurred across all of the game I tried, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Jungle Warfare, another game for the Defender looked promising. It was a kind of Operation Wolf style game with various things moving around as the jungle landscape scrolled by. Initial plays of this went well, but yet again it wasn’t long before things seemed to just stop recognising a hit.

I put this bad experience down to the Cheetah gun being badly made, but then I had a revelation.

The way light guns work (see top few paragraphs) logically meant that the larger the TV, the larger the target area and the more chance you have of hitting it. With that I set about trying to track down a decent CRT TV at a good price. It wasn’t long before I came across a nice 21inch Toshiba with an asking price of £1.

Being just 20 minutes away from my house, I quickly did a deal and picked up my new toy. Sadly I was a little too eager and forgot about the remote control. I suspect it never had one, and for a quid, I didn’t want to bother the seller. Instead I ordered a cheap one from eBay and before long it was time to set up the Cheetah again.

Now things were very different, and targets could be hit with ease making the whole gaming experience much more pleasing. Even the smaller targets of Bronx Street Cop fell with ease, and I couldn’t wait to have a go at Jungle Warfare.

First on the tape though was Billy The Kid, an impossible game to play previously. Now though, the tins and bottle exploded on almost every shot, even the tricky one thrown by the cowboy. I was enjoying things now, this is what it should be like.

Now onto Jungle Warfare, a game I wanted to play. Brilliant – it works as it should, with good accuracy, great action and nice gameplay. I take everything I said about the Cheetah Defender back from The Spectrum Show videos, it is a great piece of kit, but it does need a decent sized TV to get the best out of it.

Light guns give the user a different control mechanism from keyboard or joystick, and that certainly has an effect on gameplay. Like the Nintendo Wii, you feel more in control somehow, more involved in the game. You can’t jump about like the Wii, as the cables are only a few meters long, but it does give Spectrum games a totally different feel.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Spectrum Show 32

Welcome to The Spectrum Show - The show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode I get all the latest Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from September 1985.

It's the second part of our lightgun feature, and we test the Cheetah Defender.

I review some older games and a new game.

We drop into Type-in corner, we have Playing tips and the Demo Of The Month.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Old Or New?

The new series of The Spectrum Show has, not unexpectedly, split opinion on the new introduction, music and segment intros. So, what's the story?

For the new series I wanted to change the style to mark it as a new set of episodes. I wanted to include some Spectrum sounds into the music to set it apart and highlight (if that was needed) that this was all about the Spectrum.

When I produced the music I liked it, and built the intro around it. All was well until I rendered the episode and watched it back in full. Somehow it just didn't seem right not having the original music.

Being already late, I made the decision to release it and see what happened. To be honest I wasn't happy, but then again people have different tastes.

Some people liked the new style, others preferred the old one and some suggested a mix of old and new. The new logo also split opinions! If I had liked the new format, I would have let it ride, but that little voice kept telling me it wasn't as good as it should be.

So, what am I going to do?

The original (series 2 and 3) music will return over the top of a remixed video segment for the show introduction. The logo will remain but play a lesser part (not appearing between sections).

The new music (with Spectrum sounds) will be used for other areas of the show.

But what about those section titles? Tricky... Still working on those at the moment... so can't really say how they will end up!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Spectrum Show #31

Series 4 Episode 1 is now available.

It's the new series! In this episode I get all the latest Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games from August 1985.
I break out the Magnum Light Phaser and put it to the test.
I review some older games and a new game.
Type-in corner is back.
I also have two new sections; Playing tips and Demo Of The Month.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

General Update

Well, it's been a busy week!
I have been on annual leave from work, which usually means for me, a hell of lot more work, and this week turned out no different. I did at least get time to do a few things and continue work on some bits and bats, so, what have I been doing...

1. Getting drunk a lot!
2. Fixing Kyd Cadet III and wondering why no one noticed the silly naming and hidden messages!
3. Preparing to re-release with an additional second level (extra 34 rooms) if I can get it to work.
4. Working on the next issue of the magazine.
5. Trying to make progress with the next episode of The Spectrum Show.
6. Eating pizza

As you can see, things have been pretty busy and that doesn't even take into account the new dinning furniture, dealing with charity shops, gardening, parcel deliveries, sick relatives and the odd few hours relaxing!

I have also just noticed that this weekend is usually the time I release The Spectrum Show (usually last weekend of the month), but because of the above, it will be a bit late...sorry!

I'll try to get it out next weekend... now.. where's that bottle of wine....

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Kyd Cadet III - Spectrum

The third in the Kyd Cadet series takes our young hero into new territory. No more nice guy, Kyd is now fully trained and ready for action.

The Eyeburx home planet is being attacked by an unknown intelligence, and Kyd Cadet has been sent to investigate.

After some initial probing, he discovers a plot to take over the galaxy by the destruction-happy Driodand race. More than that though, he discover the attack is imminent, and is being controlled from a central computer on the Droidand's home planet.

With no time to report back, he heads off to take up the challenge, collecting a light weight pulse rifle on the way.

Landing on the planet he is immediately besieged by Droidand robots but he must succeed in this new, very dangerous mission.

Oxygen is scarce, and Kyd only has a short supply. Luckily there are oxygen pods scattered around that can be used to re-fill his tanks.

Many thanks to R-Tape from WOS for the help in getting this game released.

Kyd Cadet 3 was reviewed in Retro Gamer magazine and awarded 88%.
Click to read.

Download the game
Kyd Cadet III - The Eyeburx Plee


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Kyd Cadet 3 - The Lost Game

Let me set the scene...

About five months ago I completed work on Mk2 of Kyd Cadet 3. I say Mk2, because I have a 80% complete platform game that was supposed to be the third in the series, but I lost interest towards the end.

This is another attempt to add a third instalment of the Kyd Cadet series, but the game-play has changed from a platformer to a kind of Exolon clone.

After a good few months of work, the game was complete along with a loader and loading screen, however, this is where fate stepped in. The version of AGD (Arcade Games Designer) I used had a known (but not to me at the time!) bug that corrupted the game code when you tried to save out the final game.

After a lot of messing about, I gave up and got very drunk. I even tried to load the code into a newer version, but this also didn't work. So, there it sat... and as other projects came along I completely forgot about it.

Today I was going through my hard drive and looking at all my half-complete games, and found it. Kyd Cadet 3 - The Eyeburx Plee, fully playable and finished. I had a few plays through to make sure, and it was 100%. So now what?

I have put out a plee on World Of Spectrum for some assistance, and hopefully I can finally get this game released. More as it happens....

Here are a few screenshots...

Friday, 11 July 2014

The Spectrum Show Magazine 2

The Spectrum Show Magazine issue 2 is now available for download from the link (top right).

Like previous issues, this takes a lot of content from the video show and places it in a magazine format. There are also items not in the show, and extended reviews of certain games.

I have changed the layout a lot to make it look more professional and take into account that most magazines have side by side pages. If you viewer allows you to view this way, then things will look all the more improved.

This is third iteration of this issue, having spent ages trying out different layouts. I think I am happy with this one... at least for now.

If you want to write a review or feature for the next issue, please get in touch.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out Of Space!

I have been trying to re-arrange the content of this blog and upload some stuff, mainly house keeping things, but one important file. The next issue of The Spectrum Show magazine is complete and ready to release, however, I have just discovered I am out of space on my FTP site.

My host (Virgin Meida) give a nice 200mb, but my account is still the old NTL one, which only has 50mb!

I now have no room to upload the new issue, so I am having to create a new virgin account, set up the hosting for it and then transfer all the content across! BUT... because the account is new - I can't complete the task of setting up the space yet!! GGGRRRRRR!!!!!

This will not affect any files currently here, as the hosting is totally separate and I still retain the old NTL one. Once my new space is ready,I will move everything across and then change all the links. Then I can upload the new issue.

Update: (9:50pm)
The new FTP is now active. I will begin moving stuff across tomorrow so the new issue will be released then.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Spectrum Show #30

Welcome to The Spectrum Show, the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In the last episode of the series, I take a look at the news and top selling Spectrum games from July 1985.
In an end of series special, I take a look at probably the best known game publisher on the Spectrum, Ultimate Play The Game.

Thanks for watching the show. I'll be back with the next series after a shot break.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Memory Lane

I recently put out a plea on the WOS forums for anyone who had a copy of a 1988 edition of Popular Computing Weekly. I wanted this particular edition because I was featured in it, in a section about Bulletin Board Systems. Luckily, a very kind forum member (thanks Battle Bunny) had one he was prepared to separate with, and so today it arrived. Wow! What a trip down memory lane..

Below is the complete article from September 1st 1988. (well, the bits about me at least)...

Scanning the lines
Malcolm Arnold looks into the workings of two bulletin boards.

Last time around we talked about Bulletin Boards in general terms. Here's a more specific look at two BB sysops and their systems.

Paul Jenkinson operates the Image board from the comfortable inner sanctum of his house in Leeds. He started out in a small way, with a Sinclair Spectrum and Micron Software, but the limitations of this system - being both fairly slow to run and Spectrum specific - led him to dig deep in February of this year and buy his present set-up: an Amiga A500 with 1 meg upgrade and two drives, online through a Pace Linnet modem. Combined with Ruby-Tel software from Y2 - Paul reckons he's the only private sysop currently running this -the result is a professionally presented Viewdata board; but the hard and software are only part of the story. Anyone with the requisite bucks can get a system up and running; keeping it there - and keeping it interesting - demands personal commitment.

Paul said that he got this far because of what he calls his 'passion' for running a board. He emphasised that to run a good board you need to spend time. The system will run unsupervised, but he told me, "I'm here in front of the screen most evenings, keeping it up-to-date, so in a sense the board is being constantly updated." Sadly, not all sysops see this kind of service as compulsory (logging on to some BB's is like accessing a timevault kept prisoner in the cupboard under someone's stairs); but what he calls "a balanced service," is how Paul sees Image.

The board self-evidently sets out to be fun, with jokes, puzzles and humorous articles; but it also has its serious side. Information on the board includes software and hardware reviews, and a SIG (Special Interest Group) for Amiga owners. Paul recognises the need for coverage of other computers than the Amiga, and indeed there have been SIG's for others on Image, but presently he's looking for editors for those sections. Fancy the job, anyone?

But how does Paul get a return on his investment - after all, it cost him around £1,000 to set up. "Well," he replied, shaking his head sagely, "The only way to get a financial return is to charge a subscription for using the board, and there's no way I'm going to do that!" Why not? "I've seen what it's done to other boards. I'd rather have people using my system . . ." Job satisfaction is the return that keeps Paul going, and the biggest buzz he can get is when users take the time and trouble to let him know they value Image.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

General Updates

This is just a quick update on how things are going with the show.

I am putting together the  final episode of series three, and as usual, it will be an end of series special. It's looking very good too, and I expect it to be ready by the end of the month. Not going to give too much away !

Thanks to the people who have submitted type-in games for the next series, we now have 6 of them, but still need another four. Check out my previous post for details. Please help the show, and get these game out to the public. Remember they have not been seen in over 20 years!

I am already planning the next series and have begun to make the new intro sequence. It looks really cool too :-) New music and new visuals, with some new section intros.

The next series will pretty much follow the existing one, but there are a few extra sections thrown in to keep things interesting. Thanks for your continued comments on Youtube and WOS, keep watching :-)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Fawkes Fixed

Yet again, my poor typing back in 1985 meant the game featured in this months episode was not 100% accurate. Although the game worked there were a few problems.

A fan of the show, Jason, has come to the rescue yet again, and provided a fixed version. You can get it from the usual place (see top right!).

For those interested, the UDGs were missing some data which meant they didn't look as they should. The direction check was wrong, meaning the trail left behind was not always correct. A BEEP command was a bit longer than needed and there were a few typos.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Spectrum Show #29

Welcome to The Spectrum Show, the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode I take a look at the news from June 1985.
I try to connect my Spectrum to my PC to tranfer files.

I review some older games.
I take a look at a newer game and end the show with Type-In Corner.

Thanks for watching.
The game featured in Type-In Corner will be available to download from here very shortly.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Spectrum Show #28

The Spectrum Show episode 28 is now complete and live on Youtube. This show marks two years of the show's life, and I can't believe that time has passed so quickly. To celebrate I have uploaded a 29 minute anniversary special too, so you have nearly a full hour of Spectrum goodness to watch.
Also as part of the celebration is the new edition of The Spectrum Show Magazine. Yes, I have been busy ;-)

In Episode 28 I take a look at the news from May 1985.
I compare arcade clones for one of the all time great blasters - Defender.
I review some older games.
I take a look at a newer game and end the show with Type-In Corner.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Twitter and Other Stuff

Well, I finally gave in and set myself up on Twitter. You can follow all things me on my twitter page, but be aware it is not just about Speccy stuff, although obviously as much of my time is taken up with the show, it will feature quite prominently.

I have been working like a mad man over the last few weeks to get loads of things ready for the next show. It will be a very special event - the show will be two years old!!

To celebrate there will be not only the normal edition of the show, but also a special anniversary edition and a new issue of the Spectrum Show Magazine.

Lots to look forward to, and a lot of work to finish in the next two weeks!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Galaxian Fix

For all those people that downloaded the type-in from episode 27, and got fed up with being killed by previously destroyed aliens, there is a new fixed version of the game thanks to Jason.

This new fix includes quite a few corrections including graphic glitches and code fixes to the original listing. So head over to type-in-corner and download yourself the latest version.

My thanks again go to Jason for his hard work.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Spectrum Show #27

Welcome to The Spectrum Show, the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode I take a look at the news from April 1985.
I review the ZX Interface 1 and ZX Microdrive.
I review some older games.
I take a look at a newer game and end the show with Type-In Corner.

The game featured in Type-In Corner will be available to download from this blog.


Monday, 17 March 2014

TSS 16k Edition

A new series of YouTube videos has begun. The Spectrum Show 16K edition has been in the offing for quite a few months now, but never seemed to quite make it.

The whole idea came from my Friday night gaming sessions. After a long week at work, I enjoyed loading up games on real hardware and taking out all my frustration on whatever appeared on the screen. This could be simple shoot-em-ups, racing games or anything that was quick to load. This obviously favoured 16k games.

Playing on real hardware was great and really added something to the games, especially when the game cassette and inlay was stood in front of you. I wanted to get this experience across, but despite hours of trying, I failed to do that.

I rigged up a camcorder to capture the games played on my TV, this didn’t seem to look right though. I then plugged in my composite capture device, which produced good results, but also added more time and effort to what essentially was a quick fix of real gaming.

The whole idea of quick gaming was lost, and so eventually I opted for the normal approach, emulation. I still load up original games on real hardware to play, but for the show I switch to emulation for the capture process.

Spectrum games in 16K were for the original machine, when 48k was just a dream. These games were often dirty arcade conversions with character based movement and bleeper sounds, but some were very high quality.

This series of videos looks at a variety of 16K games, from the very basic poor arcade clones, to the highly polished releases from Ultimate Play The Game.

For viewers of The Spectrum Show, this little deviation will not encroach on the time dedicated to the show.

These videos are produced during the times when either all the work is complete, or the times when I simply would not commit a lot of time to the show. Don’t worry, the shows will continue, and these little snippets are an added bonus.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bedrooms to Billions

FROM BEDROOMS TO BILLIONS tells the remarkable, true story of how the creativity and vision of a small number of individuals from around the United Kingdom, pioneered in shaping the billion dollar video games industry which today, dominates the modern entertainment landscape.

The current ‘Backer’ or ‘Pre-Order’ version of ‘From Bedrooms to Billions,’ with iconic Oliver Frey designed cover will no longer be available to buy in its current format after 31st May 2014!

This ‘pre-order’ or ‘backer version’ version will be unique and highly collectable because it is only for those who supported the project, funding the film’s production by pre-ordering via crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, Kickstarter and later from the film’s website (

The window to become a backer and receive this unique version of the film and to be included in the one and only issue of copies closes 31st May 2014.

Go and order now!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Spectrum Show #26

Welcome to The Spectrum Show, the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode I take a look at the news from March 1985.
I look at loading digital games into real hardware.
I review some older games and experiment with an adventure!

I take a look at a newer game and end the show with Type-In Corner.

Thanks for watching.

The game featured in Type-In Corner will be available to download soon.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Spectrum Show #25

Welcome to episode 25 of The Spectrum Show - the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode we take a look at the news and top selling Spectrum games for February 1985.

We examine the Spectrum Demo scene and give you a rough guide to demos.

We review a few older games, take a look at a new title and review a type-in game in Type-In-Corner.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Series 1 DVD


It has taken some time, but The Spectrum Show series 1 is now available in limited quantities on DVD.

The series comes complete with professionally printed DVD sleeves and labels, in a top quality case. The two discs contain the full ten episodes of series 1 plus over 25 minutes of additional material (in four different segments) not on YouTube. (plus an Easter egg!)

The initial batch consists of just 20 copies (some of which have been reserved already), so get your order in fast.

Further batches may be made available if demand is high enough. If you get the out of stock message and you want to register your interest in the next batch, please let me know.

The Spectrum Show Series One can be yours for just £9.00 including postage and packing in the UK.

The shows are encoded to DVD standard (PAL 720 x 576 25 fps - not HD).
It  must be noted that some clipping may be present on certain televisions (only a few pixels each side) due to resolution and 'safe areas' used on television broadcasts, and these shows were designed for YouTube that does not have these restrictions. Please be aware of this when ordering.

Sorry, but I can only send to UK addresses.

Delivery should be within 7 working days of the order date.

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