Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Work In Progress

I have made good progress on the new game, or should I say, the new framework. I have re-written the parser to allow multiple nouns (get, take, collect etc), shortened the code needed to actually run the game and hopefully built a solid framework on which I can simply build my games.

With the complete framework, the file runs in at 6k, that includes the introduction and first location. That is a lot smaller than the previous one, and now all I have to do is add locations, objects, interactions and messages.

My old BASIC game (called Vamp) has been re-worked into a mystery rather than a horror based game and so will have a different name (yet to be decided). The locations remain pretty much the same, as do about 60% of the puzzles. I have added new objects and puzzles as well as re-writing all of the location descriptions.

I have just the last puzzle and end game to work out before I can begin adding it to the base code.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

What Next?

With my previous adventure complete I recently clambered into my dusty attic to locate my old folder containing all of my old notes and maps for my 80’s adventures. Sure enough there it was, still as I had left it – crammed full of detailed maps and drawings.

Armed with that I narrowed down the next game for conversion and loaded up the TAP file to take a look at the locations and objects. The game is pretty basic, in all senses of the word, with some atrocious spelling! However, as with the test project, A Broken Friend, I will need to go through everything and re-write it.

The locations need a good tidy up, the plot needs padding out, additional puzzles adding and a new map generated. The game will not be a 100% copy of the original, more a game based on the same concepts. Long gone are the days of locations described as “You are on a path.”!

I will also have to re-write large parts of the code to put into practice the things discovered during the last game. Whole chunks will need to be re-organised to make things quicker code-wise, easier to play and use less space. A challenge indeed!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Broken Friend

Fleg was a young scamp, always getting into scrapes and having adventures, but his most favourite thing was to play on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

His mother had bought it for him at Christmas, a few months ago, and he spent all of his spare hours blasting aliens, solving puzzles, jumping on platforms and generally having a grand old time.

Now it was broken and he needed to get it fixed so he could return to some good old classic gaming.

A Broken Friend is an adventure game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Download the game.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Progress Update

Work on the new game is going really well and I have progressed quite far into this test project. All of the locations are complete, all of the puzzles and objects are complete and the game is fully playable.

The LOAD/SAVE functionality is also working – something I am relieved at as it was the major stumbling block to getting the game out.

I now have to fully play-test it, checking the spelling, puzzles and interaction before finally going through the game and adding things to the parser that helps the player when required. I was leaving this to the last in case I ran out of room, but at the moment I am ok.

I did have to change the compiler settings to stop the game generating OUT OF MEMORY errors, giving it an extra 4k to play with, which I will use to improve the parser.

Then I just have to think of a loading screen!

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