Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Spectrum Show #1

The Spectrum Show, or TSS for short, came about for a mixture of different reasons, mainly to get my video editing back on form for a project I have at work, to shamelessly promote my new game and because there is nothing like it for the Spectrum (I think!).

This is really a tester, to see how things pan out, and there is no guarantee there will be more, although I must admit to enjoying putting it together.

The show has many segments including a look back to March 1983, old and new game reviews plus a head-to-head, comparing all Spectrum Space Invader clones.

It runs for just short of fifteen minutes, which I think it about right, and I hope you enjoy watching.

Best viewed directly through YouTube
If I do decide to do more, anyone interested in helping out?


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