Thursday, 31 January 2013

Unlucky for some...

I never had time for superstitions, but I have to admit I am a little perplexed at the moment!

Episode 13 was in the can, complete, fully rendered out and looking great. Happy with the whole thing I archived it off to my external drive, saved a copy to DVD and kept a copy on my main PC for reference. I removed all the source files, having no further need for them, and wanting to clear out some space for the next set of videos. What could possibly go wrong?

Well... about to write the updates for this blog and other sites where it is announced, I checked the finished article to make sure I got the date of the news section correct only to discover I had left in the default titles.

I use a fixed set of titles and overlays for things like features, news and reviews etc. But these have default values that have to be changed to match each episode. Episode 13 should be news from March 1984 - but the titles state Jan 1984!! Argh!!!

Damn... I can't change the text and re-render because I have deleted all of the source video (game review footage and feature footage). This is very annoying and means I now have to re-capture all of the game reviews again, grab all of the feature footage again and then match it up to the existing commentary.

Obviously this means a slight delay - sorry!


ZX Spectrum User said...

I feel your pain its happened to me a few times in doing some coding too.

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