Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Spectrum Show #18

Welcome to Episode 18 of The Spectrum Show - the show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

In this episode we go back to August 1984 for the latest Sinclair news and top selling Spectrum games.

We have an arcade clone shoot out - this time we compare Q*Bert clones to see which if the Spectrum versions can make it to the top of the pyramid.

We review some older games and take a look at some newer titles.

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Unknown said...

Hi there,
love the episodes - got many more to watch. Having just watched episode 18, I think you missed a trick on the Q*Bert reviews - on Pogo, it made use of the Currah Microspeech module and so it also gave you the speech/swearing that qbert would do aswell - Pogo was defo the best version by a mile!

Paul (Random Kak) said...

Yes, you are correct - although I did cover the currah speech unit in episode 11, with video of Pogo - but I did forget about it for this shootout!

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