Sunday, 13 April 2014

Twitter and Other Stuff

Well, I finally gave in and set myself up on Twitter. You can follow all things me on my twitter page, but be aware it is not just about Speccy stuff, although obviously as much of my time is taken up with the show, it will feature quite prominently.

I have been working like a mad man over the last few weeks to get loads of things ready for the next show. It will be a very special event - the show will be two years old!!

To celebrate there will be not only the normal edition of the show, but also a special anniversary edition and a new issue of the Spectrum Show Magazine.

Lots to look forward to, and a lot of work to finish in the next two weeks!


Mousey said...

Yay! Happy 2 year anniversary, The Spectrum Show! :)

I've still to give in to the dark side that is Twitter... ;)

Paul (Random Kak) said...

Cheers mate. Seems like only yesterday that the first episode went out!
Been putting off the Twitter thing for years... and said I would do it when I got my new phone - sadly the phone never turned up but the account was already created!

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