Sunday, 26 April 2015

Magazine Reviews Needed

I am trying to update various parts of this blog, mainly to do with my games, and I am trying to locate any reviews my games have had in magazines.

I have ones for Bounty (Micro Mart), Chopper Drop (Retro Gamer), Kyd Cadet 1 (Retro Gamer), Talisman (Amiga User int.) and Video Ease (Amiga Shopper). These have all been added to the relevant pages now.

If you have any more, or know about any more please get in touch.

I am also looking for Amiga Action issue 54 (this came with Baldy on the cover disk).

Your help very much appreciated.

Update: Kyd Cadet 3 review added a few minutes after I posted!
Update: Baldy now has two reviews and Talisman has an additional review.


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