AGD Advanced Video Tutorials

This section will cover more advanced topics than the basic tutorials.

Video Tutorials
Basic Tutorials
Advanced Tutorials - below

Advanced Tutorial 1 - Ladders

Advanced tutorial 2 - Conveyor belts, custom blocks and forced movement.

Advanced tutorial 3 - Fixed sprite movement (manual parameters).

Advanced tutorial 4 - Random sprite spawning.

Advanced tutorial 5 - Laser bullets.

Advanced tutorial 6 - Sprite bullets.


Miguetelo said...

Hi, this serie of tutorials are awesome!!!!
Please!!! continue...


KingPepper said...

Hi Paul, thanks for these video's on how to use this great games designer.
I was wondering if you could add a video on how to create (Projectiles / bullets) etc etc in the games, and how to detect when they hit an enemy or closest wall.

Thanks in advance,

Many regards,

Paul Pollington.

Paul (Random Kak) said...

KingPepper: Just for you - two vids about bullets.

KingPepper said...

Thanks so much, you have no idea how much these will help me finish a game I am recreating from a game that I have loved since playing it on a Tandy TRS80 back in 1983.

Fantastic Paul,

Many regards,

Paul Pollington.

captaincheesemonger said...

Brilliant new videos about bullets/lasers. Was making a game like sabre wulf/atic atac and needed a routine to fire magic up and down, this works fine. Thank you Paul.

Unknown said...

Awesome videotutorials. Thanks Paul.

Dony Plemmenos said...

Congratulations, Paul! Your video tutorials are awesome - just like The Spectrum Show and the magazine!

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Love the lot help me tremendous Thanks Paul

Eze said...

Cheers Paul. These tutorials have highlighted just how simple Jonathan has made it for us all. Initially I was trying to do to way too much in the event editor. You make a great Professor.

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