AGD Advanced Video Tutorials

This section will cover more advanced topics than the basic tutorials.

Video Tutorials
Basic Tutorials
Advanced Tutorials - below

Advanced Tutorial 1 - Ladders

Advanced tutorial 2 - Conveyor belts, custom blocks and forced movement.

Advanced tutorial 3 - Fixed sprite movement (manual parameters).

Advanced tutorial 4 - Random sprite spawning.

Advanced tutorial 5 - Laser bullets.

Advanced tutorial 6 - Sprite bullets.


Miguetelo said...

Hi, this serie of tutorials are awesome!!!!
Please!!! continue...


KingPepper said...

Hi Paul, thanks for these video's on how to use this great games designer.
I was wondering if you could add a video on how to create (Projectiles / bullets) etc etc in the games, and how to detect when they hit an enemy or closest wall.

Thanks in advance,

Many regards,

Paul Pollington.

Paul (Random Kak) said...

KingPepper: Just for you - two vids about bullets.

KingPepper said...

Thanks so much, you have no idea how much these will help me finish a game I am recreating from a game that I have loved since playing it on a Tandy TRS80 back in 1983.

Fantastic Paul,

Many regards,

Paul Pollington.

captaincheesemonger said...

Brilliant new videos about bullets/lasers. Was making a game like sabre wulf/atic atac and needed a routine to fire magic up and down, this works fine. Thank you Paul.

Unknown said...

Awesome videotutorials. Thanks Paul.

Dony Plemmenos said...

Congratulations, Paul! Your video tutorials are awesome - just like The Spectrum Show and the magazine!

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Love the lot help me tremendous Thanks Paul

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