Saturday, 5 November 2011

Android Shoot Out Update

After a week of playing with the emulators on the Asus Transformer tablet, I have decided to update my previous PDF on the Spectrum emulators available for this format. The main reason for this was that I omitted to test multi-directional games that required more than just left, right and fire. Because of these extra directions and the controls schemes required, I felt my previous feature did not fully cover all aspects of the emulators.

It initially came to light when I wanted to play my own game, Space Disposal, on my tablet. Once loaded into Xpectroid I noticed the difficulty in controlling the game in landscape mode because of the layout of the virtual buttons. That is when I realised I hadn't mentioned this type of control in the feature.

So, after another few days of testing, I have released an updated version ready to download and also view online.

View Online Here

Download original report
Updated report Nov 2011
Updated report Feb 2012


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