Monday, 2 January 2012

Progress Update

Work on the new game is going really well and I have progressed quite far into this test project. All of the locations are complete, all of the puzzles and objects are complete and the game is fully playable.

The LOAD/SAVE functionality is also working – something I am relieved at as it was the major stumbling block to getting the game out.

I now have to fully play-test it, checking the spelling, puzzles and interaction before finally going through the game and adding things to the parser that helps the player when required. I was leaving this to the last in case I ran out of room, but at the moment I am ok.

I did have to change the compiler settings to stop the game generating OUT OF MEMORY errors, giving it an extra 4k to play with, which I will use to improve the parser.

Then I just have to think of a loading screen!


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