Sunday, 15 January 2012

What Next?

With my previous adventure complete I recently clambered into my dusty attic to locate my old folder containing all of my old notes and maps for my 80’s adventures. Sure enough there it was, still as I had left it – crammed full of detailed maps and drawings.

Armed with that I narrowed down the next game for conversion and loaded up the TAP file to take a look at the locations and objects. The game is pretty basic, in all senses of the word, with some atrocious spelling! However, as with the test project, A Broken Friend, I will need to go through everything and re-write it.

The locations need a good tidy up, the plot needs padding out, additional puzzles adding and a new map generated. The game will not be a 100% copy of the original, more a game based on the same concepts. Long gone are the days of locations described as “You are on a path.”!

I will also have to re-write large parts of the code to put into practice the things discovered during the last game. Whole chunks will need to be re-organised to make things quicker code-wise, easier to play and use less space. A challenge indeed!


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