Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lost Games

The discovery of an old hard drive at the bottom of a drawer re-united me with some of the games that I never completed, and I eagerly set about trying to view what condition they were in.

To do this I had to track down my registered copy of Blitz Basic, load up Virtual PC and install it. Then copy all the required files into a folder and then change all the source code to point to it. It was an interesting afternoon that brought back a lot of memories.

Visitors to my old website may recall a video I placed there showing level one of Transmuter, a shoot-em-up based on an old Spectrum game of the same name, this was just one of the games.

Since moving the site to this blog, the video has not been re-instated, so along with my other newly found games I have made a video of all existing game play for the games that still actually run.

Below is a video that shows the following, never completed (and never to be completed) games;

Horizontal scrolling shoot-em-up made as a re-write of the Spectrum game.
Level 1 fully playable. All weapons working. Level 2 half built but would not run.

Gun Law:
First person (in the Spectrum sense) shooter based on the Spectrum game.
Looks to be about 90% complete! Don’t know why it never got finished!

Vertical shooter based in the Spectrum game.
The code was a bit of a mess and only bits of the game work!
Very short video clip!

Transylvanian Tower:
Re-write of the Spectrum game with rendered graphics.
Level 1 completely playable (I think!).
All graphics done. Most of the game engine written (I think!).

After that there is a short slide show of Transylvanian Tower level graphics.


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