Monday, 4 March 2013

Games News

Although I have been concentrating on The Spectrum Show, I have not stopped working on new games. The problem is that I make a start, get enthused by the progress and then have to stop to get TSS completed and out. Then when I go back, the same drive is missing.

I then usually start another game – and repeat the whole process again.

Currently I have three games in the works, some further along than others, that I dabble with in between shows, depending on how I’m feeling. Each game is different from the next so if I’m feeling tired and in need of some action, I’ll do some work on the shooter.

The games coming soon (I hope) are;

Toofy’s Winter Nuts.
A game featuring Toofy, first seen in Toofy In Fan Land, and originally planned to be released in winter! It’s a normal platform game with no real special features. I was not going to release this game, but it’s 98% complete so I might as well. I just have to test it fully and write the loader.

Convoy Protector.
This is a mix of games, in particular Space Disposal and Missile Command. It is a good old fashioned shooter with fairly simple graphics but good, solid gameplay. This one is about 80% complete.

Unnamed Game (working title Tower Blox).
I am not saying too much about this game other than it is something never done before with AGD, and a game style very rarely seen on the Spectrum. The main ‘engine’ is complete and I am working my way through the levels, trying to design some cunning layouts that match the engine. So far there are 16 playable ‘levels’ with more on the way.


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