Sunday, 24 March 2013

Toofy Update

Toofy’s Winter Nuts v1.2

I have updated the game based on feedback from the WOS forums and although the changes are small, it should provide a better game.

Issue 1. Toofy could get stuck in the floor/wall of room 21. This is caused by screen switching in AGD, and the only way to correct it is to design the screens in such a way that the main sprite cannot enter a room in a position that can cause this problem. To fix room 21 I raised the platform by one block (and in the adjoining room) so that the main sprite cannot jump into the room from another platform.

Issue 2. No sound when collecting nuts. The sound did play, but only on 128k machines (forgot to mention this in the text). I have now removed the AY sound and replaced it with a beeper sound.

If you want to see a map of the game (or any of my games) check out the link below.

Download v1.2 here


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