Friday, 20 September 2013

Still Working

The blog may look like everything is sleeping, but fear not, there is a flurry of activity behind the scenes.

The next series of The Spectrum Show is currently in production, with the first episode due to be released late September. The series will have some great content with more reviews and a brand new feature to end the shows.

My hardware collection has increased, which is good news for the hardware reviews section of the show, although some of it is causing me headaches at the moment.

Software wise, my collection has increased yet again (I really must stop it!) so expect more game reviews and cover shots.

The downside of all this activity is of course, that episodes can take a little longer to complete, although I am confident that there will be no delays.

Many people have asked about the previously mentioned DVD release of the first series, and thanks for your interest. I will re-visit this after the first few episode of this series are out and hopefully have some good news for you all.

Thanks for your continued support and comments, not long to wait now.


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