Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Series DVDs Now Available

Finally, after what has seemed like an age, Series Two DVDs are now available to buy.

They have been professionally mastered, with high quality inlays and fully printed discs. This was undertaken by a specialist company, so these are not hand made things!

Series Two is a triple disc set containing all ten episodes of the series, plus over 25 minutes of bonus material.

Series One is currently out of stock, but will be back in shortly.

More details, images and buying options can be found on the DVD page (see top right for link).

NOTE: I can only post to UK addresses.

If you would prefer to buy series one and two together, let me know and I can put up a special combined price once the sets are back in stock.


Miguel Lopes said...

Why only UK? I'd be happy paying for the extra shipping cost ... Portugal?

Paul (Random Kak) said...

Mainly because of the cost of a tracked parcel. To Portugal the cost would be nearly as much as the DVD (£8.50).

Unknown said...

where is the dvd homepage

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