Monday, 23 December 2013

Santa's Mission Fixed

It didn't take long for several people to offer help with the none-working type-in game featured in episode 24, Santa's Mission.

The game had many errors, mostly caused by my bad typing 30 years ago!

The aim of the game is to drop down from the sled and leave presents in every room. Santa can climb the ladders and climb up the chimneys. He can also dig. To keep his strength up he can eat the food on the tables, but too much will mean he is too fat to get up the chimney!

To control Santa use; Q:up, A:down, Z:left, X:right, D:dig (followed by a direction key), E:eat food.

I have also changed a few lines to make it not wipe out the lower floor under certain circumstances, and to print the food eaten correctly. It may not be perfect, but at least you can play it now.

Thanks go to Timmy and Jason for their help.

I have updated the downlink in the type-in corner section.


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