Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Spectrum Show 24

Welcome to The Spectrum Show Christmas Special. The show dedicated to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

It’s that time of year again, the time of drinking too much, eating too much and shouting at the television, and so we try to bring you some respite.

In this episode we take a look back to all the Christmas top ten games for the first four years of the ZX Spectrum’s life.

We play some Christmas themed games, and there are some terrible ones out there!

We also check out two Christmas type-ins – one of which needs your help to get working.

Seasonal greetings to all our viewers, thanks for your time.


jason bullough said...

Debugging type in corner.
I have found the following lines need altering to be 31 characters across.
115 P$ (needs spacing out to 31 chars)
5010 p$ (needs spacing to 31 chars)
5010 s$ (needs spacing to 31 chars with end of sleigh as last character)
5155 p$ (needs spacing to 31 chars)
5200 p$ (needs spacing to 31 chars)
However, after fixing them, and landing santa on the roof, there is some corruption on the moving left and right, and characters from when he drops are left on screen - still more work to do.

Paul (Random Kak) said...

Brilliant. Thanks for your efforts so far...

jason bullough said...

I noticed a lot of changes, and a few more typos in the new working code - did you find another copy of it online, it did you go through the code again and modify?
In the lines about dexterity checking, the second one should read if dex<0 not if dex<10, and the bit of text about how to did has been altered significantly.

BTW, Happy Xmas!

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