Sunday, 12 July 2015

50 Tips For Your Speccy

In February 1985, Sinclair User gave away a small, free booklet with the magazine. Named 50 Tips For Better Sinclair Computing, it contained a lot of neat little tricks and tips about the Spectrum.

These varied from border tricks, UDG effects, sound effects and many more.

Previously not available in the World Of Spectrum archives, today I bring you this little gem.

I obtained it with a load of other stuff bought from eBay, and it is, sadly, stained with something I hope is tea and nothing else. It does not make it unreadable though.

The next month, Sinclair User published several corrections, and I have added these as a separate page so as not to change the original.

You can download the PDF here.

Good reading.


Unknown said...

good find and great read. Part 24 should read IN 31 for Kempston joystick however. Guess nobody picked that up on the fixes.

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