Sunday, 10 January 2016

New / Old Game

During a trawl through my old Spectrum games folders, I have located what appears to be a 95% complete Speccy game that never got released.

I think, judging by the date stamps and the design of the game, and checking back through the WOS forums, I decided to shelve the game because someone else released something very similar. 

Having had a few plays, the game stands up quite well, so I will have to spend some time checking everything and finding out what was left to do. There is certainly some debug stuff there (like 99 lives) and some disabled collision detection, but all things considered it looks pretty much complete.

It's a kind of Lunar Lander game mixed with Thrust.. and the game contains five planets to explore... 

I will have to come up with name and some kind of story, and of course build the loader, but the loading screen is complete.

More details as I make progress.

One screen of planet 1:


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