Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Deep Core Raider

I haven’t had much time to test the recently found game due to work and personal stuff. From what I have seen so far though, it may not be 95% complete as first thought, but probably around 80%. That’s still not bad.

The control system is fully working, with a nice gravity effect and a rocket flame. The collisions with enemy missiles and lasers works, but a few of the moving aliens don’t kill the player yet. That should not be too difficult to add though.

The scoring, planet count and lives seems to be in tact but the fuel limit check is not yet there, and there is something decidedly odd with the fuel consumption! I suspect the same variable is being used for something else, somewhere deep in the code.

There are five planets consisting of a total of 37 screens plus a few message screens, but some require a little bit of work, as only the basic cave system walls are in place with little or no added scenery. Each planet has a different surface, moving from simple green lines to a sci-fi like city complex.

I am reluctant to post screenshots yet, as I want to revisit every screen and decide whether it needs a bit more work.

The one thing I can say, is that it now has a name, as you probably noticed, Deep Core Raider.

More updates when time allows.


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