Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Spectrum Show Ep50

Welcome to episode 50 of The Spectrum Show.

It's a special anniversary episode with a real mixed bag of things for you to enjoy.

In this episode we take a look back over the last three years.

I review the Spectrum 128 and two 128k games Midnight Resistance and Daily Thompson's Olympic Challenge.

I revisit Type-In corner and bring you unseen games.

And keep watching at the end for an anniversary treat :-)


Unknown said...

Great stuff! Thank you for continuing to publish these videos and magazine. My renewed interest has only got as far as a recreated spectrum and 5 mins on an emulator a week so especially appreciate your work. P.S. loved the unexpected bonus :-)
R Hunt.

Miner Willy said...

Thank You Paul, You have helped keep my childhood memories alive. My spectrum habit has grown in much the same way as yours own over the last few years. Which has been much enhanced by the use of SD cards. I will always remain a rubber keyed fan but have recently been taken with the +3e with 2 x 2GB SD cards via MMC with stereo sound. This is then viewed via a 32" JVC crt and sound is taken care of by my late Grandad's 1970's amp and Wharfedale speakers. A very nice set up indeed. But I don't think that my interest would have continued without your show which has inspired me with what is still possible and how this fantastic machine can still be improved. At the moment I am building a spectrum in a pc case with ps/2 keyboard and sd interface. The psu and sockets at the rear should hopefully be very tidy and practical. Hopefully as a portable all in one box that I can just plug in and play in my living room.

Having said this though, I still think that the ultimate is to load up Jet Pac via tape on an original 48K machine!

Thanks Paul.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying the show (just took a peek at the mags too - awesome DTP!). As a 1980's young-un there's lots I didn't know (or had just forgotten) about the earlier days of the Spectrum's reign in your show. (There's also no way I'd have the time to play every game I'd like to). Hope "last in the series" means just this series! (Edit - just read there will be another series - I should read your posts in chronological order ha ha!)

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