Saturday, 18 May 2013

Series DVD

Several people have requested that I released The Spectrum Show on DVD and after having looked into things, this is quite feasible, although there are several issues.

Firstly, what would the demand be?

Secondly, what would buyers expect?

There are many options and I would appreciate your comments about which you would prefer, or indeed if you would be interested in purchasing the DVD. The more people want one, the cheaper it gets.

So, take a look at the options below and please let me know your feelings.

Option 1: Cheap and nasty. £ postage only (about £2.00)
This would just be two normal DVD-R discs containing all episodes from Series one (no extras).

Option 2: Middle Ground. £6.00
This would be a dual DVD case containing two labelled discs and a colour laser printed sleeve. The contents would be all episodes from series one plus extras.

Option 3: Fully Monty. £8-10 (cost would be your choice in £1 steps. The lower price is what it would cost me!) This would be a dual DVD case with professionally printed sleeve and labels. Content is the same as option 2.

The disc ISO’s have already been created and there are four extra features running in at a total of 28 additional minutes of content that will be exclusive the (option 2 or 3) DVD set.

The print limit of the professional option, to get decent prices, is ten, so please either use the Contact Me option at the top of this page or leave a comment.

I will keep things updated on a regular basis.


Pedro Lambrini said...

I'd happily go for option 3. If you're going to do something you may as well go the Full Monty!

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