Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Games On The Vega

Since the Sinclair Vega allowed users to build their own keymap files it has made it much easier to get games not supplied with the unit to work.

Below are the keymap files and new game files to use on the Vega.

Some games had to be re-built to take into account that the Vega uses ULA plus, and some of my later games such as Tooy's Winter Nuts and Kyd Cadet 3, looked terrible.

To save the keymap file right click and select Save As.
Game Name Game File Keymap File
Antiquity Jones Download Download
BaldyZX Download Download
Chopper Drop Download Download
Kyd Cadet 1 Download Download
Kyd Cadet 2 Download Download
Kyd Cadet3 Download Download
Space Disposal Download Download
Toofy In Fanland Download Download
Toofy's Winter Nuts Download Download


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