Friday, 30 October 2015

The Spectrum Show Ep 45

Welcome to episode 45 of The Spectrum Show.

In this episode we take a trip through the news from September 1986.

I report from the recent Replay Expo.

Games reviewed include Adventureland, Dandy and Stormfinch.

The development diary continues and Geoff brings us another hidden gems.

I finish with a look at Graphic Adventure Creator.



Peter Jones said...

I will certainly be giving Dandy a play later today. Thanks for another great episode.

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode, so many memories of playing Dandy throughout the summer holidays one year.
Another great episode, please keep up the good work.
Will you put any of this on DVD or Blu-ray?

Paul (Random Kak) said...

Series 1 is on DVD already and I did plan Series 2 onwards on blu-ray, but time and cost would probably mean either I lost money or no one would buy due to high price. I do have 2 Blu-Ray ISOs ready, but looking at them now, I would need to do some editing and remove one or two of the extras.

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