Friday, 30 October 2015

BaldyZX Vega

Since the Sinclair Vega was released, many fans set about putting their favourite games onto SD card to expand the 1000 games already provided. It seems that some classics such as Manic Miner or Deathchase were not included, but this was probably down to copyright issues.

Once my favourites were loaded, my next task was to get my own games onto the device, and this is where the problems began. Originally the Vega did not have the option to define its keys to suite the game, luckily this was quickly fixed.

Creating the key map files is relatively easy, and I even built myself a little app to do it for me. The first game I tried was BaldyZX, but this then threw up another problem, the Vega’s ability to use ULA plus.

ULA plus allows more colours, and because Arcade Game Designer (used to make BaldyZX) also supports it, the game was automatically switched to that mode. The problem was, I hadn’t defined the extra colours so the game looked pretty bad.

I have now re-built the game complete with re-defined colours, and putting it out for download. This game can be loaded onto the Vega and the accompanying Key Map file will make things even easier.
Just put both the files onto your SD card, pop it into your Vega and away you go.

Download the Tap File
Download the Key Map File. (right click and save .. otherwise you'll just see the text!)


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