Sunday, 2 October 2011


Possibly the first real vertical shooter for the Spectrum, this great little game was the first effort from the then new company Imagine.

Boasting 12 levels of mean aliens in a variety of shapes and sizes, there were several features that made it different from those that followed.

The remake features re-coloured, enlarged and smoothed graphics, 'flicker-free' animation and movement (just had to put that in!), great sound effects and music, and the same addictive game play that won this game its large following in the early days of Spectrum software.

Not only that but the game has been extended with an extra 8 levels to challenge you - that's a total of 20 levels to get through.

So, what are you waiting for - for some classic blasting - grab a copy now.

This is an old remake and may not work on newer systems.

Arcadia PC



Unknown said...

I spent so long on this game as a child. Remake looks excellent, great to see!

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