Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Big Changes

I have just been made aware that my Virgin webspace, along with everyone else with a Virgin account, is to be shut down on 28th April.

Although not used for displaying content, I do use it to store the images, magazines, games and other material used in this blog.

Virgin have offered customers a 1 year free subscription with GoDaddy to provide hosting etc, but now I have to make a big decision. Do I cease this blog and move all content to a new website or just use the hosting as I do now to hold data?

The offer ends after a year and from the on it's sixty quid a year. For that amount I may as well use the full service and create a website, otherwise I will not be getting the benefit. One thing is definite though, come 28th April, some things may stop working on this blog until I get them moved across to the new hosting (or I find an alternative store).

As I have only just found out about this, I will have to do some digging about and see what I can find. More news as it happens!!


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