Saturday, 12 March 2016

General Update

This is a general update to the many things I have been doing, or trying to do, for the last 4-6 weeks.

Not only have I been working on the next episode of The Spectrum Show (Episode 50 by the way!) but I have been planning the next series. Looking at what features I can do, what hardware I can play with, replying to offers of help, some of which have been great and will definitely be in the shows, and playing a few games as well.

My new game Deep Core Raider has taken a bit of a back seat, but will be complete and launched soon. I am deciding whether to add a new element to the game, which will add an extra twist, or leave it as it is. Adding the extra element would mean changing each screen though and would obviously take time.

The next issue of the magazine is also under way with guest reviews and some nice features.

The big news, and the thing that has taken most of my time, is the imminent (fingers crossed) release of series two DVD sets. Series 1 has been available for a while, although not extensively advertised because of the work involved.

Series 1 had professionally printed covers and disc labels, but I had to then burn the content and put the sets together, add the labels and check they were working, which was a real pain. For series two however, I decided to let a duplication company do all the work, with me just supplying them with the artwork and master discs. This is obviously a bit more expensive, but I think I can keep the price low enough to make them attractive.

The initial run will be 20 sets only, and if anyone wants to reserve one, drop me a line. I am trying to hold off with details etc, because until I actually have them in my hand, I don’t know what the quality will be like. If they are as expected, I will open them up for buyers and start to look at series three for a similar release. I will also look at a re-run of series one using the same company.

If things do not go to plan, then I will have to consider my next move.

Now it’s back to writing reviews….


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