Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Little Changes

And there I was thinking Virgin had been generous in giving free hosting after they shut down their servers!! Doh!!

It seems that not only is the offer for a 1 year period, after which it becomes sixty quid, but you are limited to having just FIVE pages on your new shiny website! FIVE!

So that rules out moving all the content over.

My next option was to check out some of my hosting suppliers I have used in the past. Customising the options (no email, no database 3gb storage) I managed to grab some hosting for 24 quid a year. Not bad really, and this also gives me the option to expand later should I want to, and add a full website etc..

Now I am waiting for things to be registered / set up and then I can move all the content across and update this blog to point to the new location.

With a bit of luck, no one will notice the swap over... phew!


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