Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ah Diddums

Ah Diddums was originally released by Imagine in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum computer.

You control a teddy bear trying to get back to it's nursery through 99 toy boxes (Levels).
Using the keys, the idea of each level (Toy Box!) is to build a set of steps out of building blocks that are scattered about.

There are nasties (the level indicating the number) that will shred ted if he makes contact with them. Weapons can be picked up and used to kill the nasties, however if they are all killed, an indestructible roving lump of plasticene will then hamper you. To temporarily pause the nasties, you can open the jack-in-the-box by touching it.

The Remake
Staying loyal to the game, the only major difference is the number of toys. I extended these as despite claiming 99, the game only ever gave you 15.

WARNING: The original download of this game (prior to 14th Aug 2013) ran full screen 640x480 and would not work properly on some computers. I have since replaced it with a newer version that runs in a window.

Ah Diddums PC



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