Sunday, 2 October 2011

Scumball - PC

This game was originally written for the ZX Spectrum in 1988, written by Peter Gough and published by Mastertronic.

The sewer has been overrun by an assortment of terrible nasties, headed by a monstrous green slime creature.

You must take LINDA and guide her through the sewers in a top secret mission to destroy the slime.

This remake uses the same game map, reproduced in full colour at twice the resolution. All of the images have been taken from the game, smoothed and re-coloured for best results. The animation and movement has undergone a few minor tweaks and the sound has been improved to take advantage of the capabilities of modern PC's. All but a few objects are present in the game and there has been the inclusion of a fabulous sound track written by Jeppe Schmidt.


Screen Shots


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