Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chopper Drop - Spectrum

It’s a tough life being a chopper pilot. Day in, day out, you have to pick up crates and drop them onto the lorry ready for delivery.

Time is short however, and you only get so long for each load. Don’t take too long or you’ll be fired.

Avoid the WOS blimps, mad balloonist and seagulls to get your drops on time and maybe someone will take notice of your flying skills and give you the job you always wanted.

85% - Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer gave Chopper Drop 85%.

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Chopper Drop

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Luiz Eduardo said...

Really great game!!!

I reach level 4 (or 5?). So, there´s right crate to get? Sometimes the chopper dont take any one (passing by/over). It´s a bug?

A "try again" on the level loose could be cool.

Thanks and congratulations 4 the great game!

Luiz Eduardo said...

I made a rapid review on my site (Retro Games Revival)
(gadget Google Translator featured)

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