Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kyd Cadet II - Spectrum

Kyd Cadet II follows on from the first installment but you do not have to play that first.

As Kyd blasts off after refuelling on the abandoned mining planet, he can at last continue with his first mission.

An important space dignitary, Pobbleflu, has been kidnapped and taken to a nearby planet by his captors. As they bargain for higher and higher ransoms, Kyd is sent in to rescue him unseen.

The only intel he has is that Pobbleflu has been locked in the flight tower, and that the key has been hidden somewhere on the planet. To hinder any rescue attempts, further security doors around the planet have been sealed and can only be opened by one key each.

Kyd has to find the required keys to allow him to continue his search for the final key that will set free Pobbleflu, and give Kyd his first successful mission.

Kyd Cadet II

Screen Shots


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