Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kyd Cadet - Spectrum

Kyd, the intrepid young Space Cadet, was on his way to his very first mission when he suddenly realised that he hadn’t refueled before leaving the space port.

Glancing at his short range scanners, he picked out a small moon and set his coordinates.

According to the databanks, the moon was a peaceful ore mining satellite that strangely didn’t show any life forms. His scanner picked up enough fuel held in their stores to enable him to get back to the space port and so he set about landing.

Once down, he suddenly realised that the mining operation had ceased long ago, but no one had decommissioned the droids.

Our hero must now search the dangerous complex for the required amount of fuel without upsetting the crazed droids; his life depended on it.

84% - Retro Gamer
Kyd Cadet got a review in Retro Gamer – awarding it 84%.

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Kyd Cadet

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